One Of A Kind Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster

One Of A Kind Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster


Beautiful quartz crystal cluster from our mine in Arkansas. All crystals from our mine are un-cut, un-polished, and have only been cleaned.  This one-of-a-kind crystal cluster has crystal formations at the top and bottom of the specimen.  There is the sparkling appearance of an icy snow when you look at the bottom of the formation.  This is a specimen that looks wonderful from all sides.  Sit it in your family room to impart positive energy.  To charge crystals for healing, place them in a spot where they will receive direct sunlight or moonlight for 24 hours to fill them with positive energy. You can also bury your crystals in the soil to charge them with energy from the earth. 11L x 8W x 9H inches 

Weight: 9.60 pounds

Wholesale is available for those wishing to make bulk purchases. For more information on wholesale pricing, please email us at, or call us at 800-291-4484.

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