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Fresh Dirt Log

     After years of customer requests, we're proud to finally offer a "Fresh Dirt Log". Here you can view the records of when we have brought up fresh dirt, along with approximations on how much dirt was brought. Please note:  this is not a schedule of planned activity; only past activity.
     Even though we will do our best to make sure fresh dirt will still be there the next day, we  URGE customers to not solely base their trip around this log. 

*More details and a statement from current president Kevin Coleman below the calendar.

     *Certain circumstances can lead to the fresh material being removed from the public digging area the next day. This is because our miners tend to clear the public digging area in the early morning before operating hours in preparation for the next load.  That being said, customers who may experience this situation can rest assured that we will only do this if we plan on bringing up more fresh dirt that day. However; weather, machinery break-downs, etc could result in the area remaining cleared, even though dirt was brought up the previous day.

     A statement from current president of Ron Coleman Mining (Kevin Coleman) follows:

"Dear friends,
     In the past few months I’ve instituted a policy of having the amount of dirt hauled posted on the day after it happened. My intention with doing this was to allay some of the comments that suggest we rarely have fresh dirt.
We are working on a web page with a calendar on our web site so that the total haulage can be viewed. 
     There is no set schedule, it just happens when it happens.
     What I didn’t anticipate, but should have foreseen, is that people are using that information to come the next day and mine in the fresh tailings. This has led to a situation where occasionally the miners have pushed off fresh piles early in the morning in anticipation of using that area
(later that day for new, fresh dirt), and early arriving customers being disappointed (at discovering the cleared off digging area).
I should have foreseen this and I  apologize.
     We will make every effort in the future to have the posted dirt still available the next day.
Kevin Coleman"

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